The Glory of the Past and the Splendour of the Flower in the Grass

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Revisit the glory of the past
Of conquerors, dreamers and builders.

Revisit the glory of the past
Of colonizers, landlords and masters.

Revisit the glory of the past
Of rising empires and great revolutions.

Revisit the glory of the past
Of your own triumphs and failures.

See the glorious past as gory, bloody, deathly
Or the golden past as promising or healthy.

Like the flower in the grass
Which blossoms and withers,
The glory of the past rises and falls.

Like the splendour of the flower
In its own eternal scent and beauty,
The glorious past lives in human memory.
April 1, Inspired by the title given by our dear Nancy

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