In ruins... but still a chance

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

11th March 2011
I got up about 6:30 am,
it should have been a normal day,
a Friday like every other.
But when I listened to the news
at 7 o'clock,
everything changed.

I saw the wave,
that rolled across the land,
destructive, dragging everything along.
I saw people,
who tried to escape with their cars,
but the water was faster.
I saw these horrible picture
live on television.

When I cannot forget it,
how hard must it be for those,
who witnessed it,
who had to watch,
how there home was destroyed,
raced to the ground?

Since that day more and more
horror-reports reach us.
Since that day I am still
in no laughing mood.

The consequences of the earth quake,
the consequences of the tsunami
are even more serious than we expected.
Dead men and women
are recovered from the ruins.
Many, who survived,
have become homeless,
have lost their families.
And know they even a to face
a nuclear catastrophe.

Can it be fought off?
The life of the people in Japan -
will it ever be
the same again?

We got a chance,
the possibility to learn
from this daunting example!
Back out! Shutdown!
Before it is too late!
Not only for the present – forever!
Do not give us placebos!
It is not about
winning the next election!
It is about our future,
the future of our children!

We have seen, how unpredictable
the power of nature can be;
why put ourselves
at this additionally risk?
Should we allow,
that such a scenario
could happen again?

on our earth!


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