a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

'This is a second call to battle and action stations my fellow Indians. Arise,awake and cease not till the goal is achieved '. It is now the ripe moment for a second 'Quit India moment'. The enemy and invader is 'CORRUPTION' who has well dug in.

The time is ripe
Put on your shield
And your coat of arms
A brave man dies
Only once
In a life time

Mother India is calling
The hungry millions
Children famished and holding bowls
Howling for food
And nourishment
While vital funds
Are siphoned
To the corruption drain
We ,the people
Mere mute spectators

Hazare,Bedi Khan
Many generals
But the hard battles
Must be fought
By the foot soldier
paying with his life blood

Let the sacrificial fire
Grow into a conflagration
We mere logs of wood
Once touched by the
Tongue of the sacred fire
We can burn to ashes
The villains -their forts
And mother India will break her fetters
Of corruption
And moth eaten tradition
Fueling corruption
On a rampant scale
Unfit for a growing power!

Hail Mother Durga ! Hail Mother India !

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