is forever born

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Holy communion communicate
with the soul
Partake, intake, invitation ;the
everlasting miracle of the last supper,
that's alive today here's to stay
God's gift for mankind
A kind gift for the soul

The soul does not take part
Communication broke down
The soul in debt
The bell rings the sign that changes
a humble bread into unconditional love
The dove of love is alive
Alive alive rejoice rejoice the
angels in heaven shout
The food of heaven is alive
on the table
Man's love is cold

The soul tripped over the snake
Fall, get back up the soul does
Trip, fall again over the same snake,
that wrap its self around man's ankles
Fall, unravel the snake from man's ankles;
the priest does
An endless battle of wits between mankind
and the snake;in this garden called earth

Its a long long long long struggle,
with mankind and his soul
On the heaven's doorstep the soul stand
In the distance the soul can see where the
last supper is forever born

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