The addict and his dust

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

A drug bust.
The cops took away the drugs
The addict and his dust
Steal his child's birthday money
Race the money for a fix
Run from street to street
The sound of desperation creeps
in each running step
The dealers has no more to give
The addict eyes horrified
A starving craving send his mind to
the dark corners ,where the hallucination ,
lay now broken
Broken reality
Need the dust to attached his reality
The dust make his reality normality

A once promise life now filled with
false promises and shattered hopes destroyed
Stole his life the dust has
A dust he must have now
Before the cravings send him crazy
Then it will be too late
He'll take a walk to the lake
And walk chest high and head high
The water will make his reality more clearer

His child at home
To young too understand
What has become of his beloved dad

Police divers take a body from a lake

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