Indigenous Forest

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

Indigenous Forest
awash with trees
leaves strum a tune
in the cool Autumn breeze
rustling rowans
and galloping ash
a rustic blanket
for a well trodden path

plum tinged foliage
fleet of foot in the dance
melancholy movements
has me in a trance
woodland dancefloor
with pine-needle skin
acorns descend
hit the floor and join in

ancient great oak
stands fearless and tall
watchfully presiding
over each leaf that falls
the seasons will pass
and flowers will flourish
all dancing their feet
in Gods soil to nourish

drifting of herbs
and bluebells in spring
come Summer
a chorus of night jar will sing
badgers emerging
on mild winter nights
fluttering bats
in forest twilight

cross-bills and sis-kins
searching for fruit
goshawks and buzzards
circle and swoop
Indigenous Forest
a landscape supreme
take the kids there tomorrow
its got to be seen

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