The Big Hoose (Barlinnie Prison)

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

Note-Barlinnie Prison is classed amongst the most notorious in the world.It is based on the outskirts of Glasgow and it's blackened sandstone buildings and large chimneys can be seen my all commuters who travel along the motorway to their work each day.It is a stark reminder to everyone to keep the right side of the law.I have just finished reading a book about it and i decided to write this poem.

Solid sandstone buildings, diseased and blackened by time.
Restraint of razor wire, an ambush on your mind.
Four walls,two beds and metal door (of drowning water blue.)
Overcrowding and smell of death which comes to but a few.

Five halls to school (the new cons') a university of crime.
Dirty filthy slopping out, it's compensation time.
Tall imposing chimneys stand,like policemen standing guard.
Dead pigeons stuffed with class A drugs,lying in the yard.

Jailers footsteps in the night, i'm feeling so frustrated.
I'm paying my dues to fellow man,ten years incarcerated.
Old lags and petty thieves, fraudsters,gangsters doing time.
With all one thing in common that, they all committed crime.

On it's gallows,ten men died and lie buried in it's grounds.
Executioner still remembers, the deathly screaming sounds.
Suicidal thoughts,men still take their life each day.
Can't take life in Barlinnie and The Big Hoose has it's say.

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