Primeval Call

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Pondered thoughts of life as child, amidst the rolling hills of home,
Mustered ranks of fir and pine which garland lochs, a view serene
Breeze brushed, carpeted in blue, of weathered bells with heads bowed low
Tufts of heather bracken, set in fields that spring beneath your feet

Eagles soar on golden wings with wispy clouds in talons caught
To clear the skies of powdered blue, a pleasing canvas background shade
Rays of burnished hue upon their feathered span, the light doth dance
Eyes of magnifying kind, seek out their dish of earth bound prey

Stags of antlered head held proud, on promontory ridge defy
With shadowed danger from above, they roar their call to nearby hinds
Flocks of sheep close up their ranks secure in numbered game of chance
Gambolling lambs are gathered near, lest swift avengers dive demise

Salmon fighting way upstream, from oceans journey hath returned
Defiant of the surging foam and rock filled streams that bar the way
Primeval drive within their gene to reach the spawning grounds of old
My heart and mind conjoin with them, the ancients call from land of birth

Aramis /|\

Natural Existence
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