a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Entire world peeps into mirror.
Images reflect in arrangements.
Every known object props up,
stands up for an auspicious view.

Daybreak sleeps in a shallow vessel.
fresh fruits n’ flowers rest dormant.
All symbolic objects of value are kept,
for a first ceremonial sight at dawn.

World reflects inside out as a dream.
Images rattle, refracts in water holes
Every sound, each syllable, words,
All takes root in tilled n/ploughed minds.

Earth heaves by the sight of beauty
Indian laburnum blooms cascade all over,
arrival of yet another farming season in time.
Summer rains cool both souls and soil.

This world is a wonder and beauty.
Every organism is unique in creation.
Oh I wish if I could observe to absorb.
I never think I can destroy anything.

Entire universe is a display in order.
The earth, planets, stars in different galaxies,
Each plant every living and non living,
shades; the universe in striking colours.

On tip of dew cosmic dream hangs.
ready to be dispelled by a soft breeze,
Entire galaxies fall dissolving into mystery.
The celestial magic of creation in time.

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