a poem by William Willis, Scotland

man's fascination
throughout the ages
geological understanding
learned in stages
so dense with silent
terrestrial complexity
man's fascination
throughout the centuries

gravitational differences
with one side on show
radiance personified
with heavenly glow
unsymmetrical formation
causes out of sync rotation
man's fascination
but astronomers flirtation

footprints of man
tattooed on dusty floor
1969 shook the world
to it's core
it's pirouetting partner
who is joined at it's hip
man's fascination
like a woman's red lips

aware of night time secrets
with a peering crescent eye
sailing ships in darkness
he won't leave you high and dry
white chocolate button
on a liquorice dark night
man's fascination
with the plough burning bright

impacts and landings
from artificial crafts
puts sea of tranquility
firmly on the map
cemetery of craters
all fossilised in time
man's fascination
of the big cheese that shines

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