For Grandma Marcia Schechinger

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Blessed to Mat and Dena Miner, born of purest youth,
A princess with an angels smile their daughter be,
Upon a page within the books attesting truth,
Soon a special name will glow for all to see,

Two thousand and eleven they will scribe the year,
April 27th be the month and day,
Upon a document of birth your (known as), will appear,
Other details relevant there will convey,

Sophia they styled you and of middle title Rose,
Greek derived, religious texts of philosophical,
Holy wisdom does define the name they chose,
Delicate adorable and beautiful,

In US North East Omaha, cradled in the arms
6lb and 13 ounces, teases tears of cheer,
As Grandma Marcia Schechinger, is spellbound by such charms,
She relishes and cherishes, she holds you close and dear,

Wishes to my special friends,
I'm really pleased for you,
I sincerely hope this proud event,
Brings luck and life anew.

Congratulations Marcia, Denia and Matt lots of Love from us to you and Baby Sophia.
Warmest wishes to you all. Marcia I bet you have the widest smile ever bless you and yours, Keith :) x
30th April 2011

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