a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The sky was dark, all filled with doom,
Ladened down with darkened gloom .
Like heavy shrouds, those blackened clouds,
Filling all the sky.

Roiling out like death, was seen,
No light or hope from them to glean.
Filled with rain, this mortals bane,
Across the sea did ply.

Mighty did those mountains rise,
Foam topped waves that scene belies.
Those rising waves, like watery graves,
Destruction there amassed.

Grinding all found in their path,
Striking out in mortal wrath.
Crashing down on all around,
Destruction there was cast.

Thunder boomed across the way,
Light'ning struck without delay.
T'was danger found in all that sound.
That storm had reached it's peak!

One lone ship did sail through,
Harried by that storming brew.
Tossed to and fro, that ship did go,
It's saving there to seek.

With sails ripped and strength all spent,
Reeling back and forth it went.
Without a hope, it could not cope
With those waves that be.

The winds and waves from that dark storm,
Across that ship, it all did swarm.
That ship, it sank! of death, it drank!
Beneath that angry sea.

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