Mr Valentine

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

She waits, she watches, she witnesses,
For nothing, again, she loses out every year,
Everybody else is smiling, but she can't
Because she wants to know:Where's my Mr Valentine?

Every 14th February she longs for him,
Her dream man, but he never comes
To her, just the beautiful women,
But she still asks: "Where's my Mr Valentine?"

A sensible, sweet, sensitive man with a big smile
Would win her heart, but her heart is unclaimed
And broken, she'll never get what she wants
But she still asks: " Where's my Mr Valentine?"

She's lonely in an overpopulated world,
She's ignored everywhere she goes,
She's irritated by curious stares her way,
She hated to stand out so much,
She wants to be happy so she asks: "Where's my Mr Valentine?"

She will recover from her decorative scars,
She won't recover from her broken heart,
She won't recover from her loneliness

Until she meets her Mr Valentine

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