Court jester

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

This place, this place
A bloody filled place:
Distorted faces
Distorted bodies
Ditched in the ditches
By the pens of arrogant men
Mastering over armies of men, the
powerful men, behind the emblems walls of the

Crown towers the power of crowns watch
The clowns in the ditches fall about
Not laughing, but crying in pain, dying in pain
Insane the court's jest is
Peer over the wall maps of battle, the
Generals do, a hearty laugh they give
Rattle rattle, the mastery of the machine gun
Powerful guns that echo thunder, high
above the court jester who gives an insane laugh
The generals mark and erase lines
On paper everything looks fine
This is unkind, so very unkind, the court jester
screams out loud. No laughing matter, rattle rattle,
the jester filled with bullet holes.
Ditched by the power makers in the towers
The jester is. In the ditch the jester fall
More court jester come onto the stage

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