All Cards Are Marked And All Fates Will Collide

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

The 6th Inspirational Title Challenge

note-the poem is told through the fictional first character

Who'll mark my card at heaven's gate
Straight A's in life
What will be my fate
A life full of poison
God's bible was shunned
Straight A's on my card Of life
They'll be none

Who'll mark my card at heaven's gate
Straight B's in life
It's now too late
I gambled my money
Spent years on the run
But straight B's on my card of life
There'll are none

Who'll mark his card at heaven's gate
Straight A's on his card
But all for hate
He brought down The Towers
On that fateful day
Now he's asking His Maker
If he can stay

Who'll mark our cards at heaven's gate
Will they let us in
To their sacred place
We've murdered and cheated
And plotted, it's true
But just one more chance
We're pleading with you

"All cards are marked
all the points have been counted"

The angels turned black
Then Satan's voice sounded......

"You won't go to heaven
with me you'll reside
All cards are marked
And all fates will collide"

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