Seek companioship

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

The Loch's water is crystal clear
Old hope dives and swims downwards,
seeking out his old friends
Each rank of depth he goes
No sight of his companions
His heart murmur, “Where is Faith
and Charity? “.
The ranks of depth is deeper and deeper
The shaft of light from the sun that shone,
just below the surface, is now gone gone gone
Dark water surround him, there's no clarity
Old Hope has swam down
Into the ranks of the watery dark
Too late he cannot swim back up
On the Loch's muddy flat bottom
There's no sign of his two best friends
He lay down for a rest. Rest over, he
cannot breakaway from the mud
He's stuck here
Stares upwards; he sees nothing
The water is cold, old Hope shiver
No sound down here, just an eerie silence
Like a corpse in a watery tomb he feels
Shuts his eyes, think of his two companions:
Faith and Charity, why cannot he find them
Questions, will he ever see them both again?
What has happened to them?. No answer comes
He thought about the good times: him and
Faith and Charity had. How they all used to laugh,
as they swam in this Loch, that seems an eternity ago;
when the human race had good hearts. Now
the goodness of mankind has turned sour
Let out a sad sigh old Hope does
For a long long time Old hope lay there,
and stared up at nothing. He waited and waited
for Faith and Charity to come. They did not come
Over the coming years old Hope sank,
further and further into the Loch's muddy floor
A thought occurred to him as he silently lay
Of how Oisin looked for his old companions
as Christianity took over the old ways
Upon the Loch's surface. Its water's is filled
with stormy choppy bloody waves
Old Hope sank deeper and deeper into
the Loch's muddy floor; before he was no more
His mind clicked, this is the same fate that Faith
and Charity suffered
Before the the Loch's mud swallowed him whole,
old Hope hoped ,that a new Hope shall be conceived,
in man's heart

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