a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

No more turning coal
No more blasting rock
The miner is old and weary
And you cannot turn back the clock
No more using a shovel and pick
And no more setting a chock
The miner is old and weary
And there is no
Turning back the clock
And no more kneeling
At the coal face
Risking life and limb
For danger is lurking everywhere
And your chances are very slim
And no more rushing through the pit baths
Just to catch a bus
But when you think back
To those years long ago
There were times when we all made a fuss
Now our children have all grown up
And have families of their own
And now it is Nan and Grandad
A far cry from coal and stone
And its different in the daylight
There is no comparison
With the dark below
And its wonderful to see
Your grandchildren
Playing happily
And watching them grow
And theres no more turning coal
And no more blasting rock
For the miner is old and weary
And there is no way
Of turning back the clock


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