“The Fragrance of Virtue Rises to the Heavens”

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

"My humble interpretation of Buddha's intention"

As music virtuoso carries tuneful sounds on high, with ease
Rising to the heavens bathed in scented souls sublime
I breathe the air surrounding each, for blessings hoped in life to seize
Whilst symphony of Angels oft' waft by, caressing harps divine

Earthly woes are left behind if principles we do adhere
A wealth of understanding is the only treasure to be sought
In considering our fellow man with caring heart that shows no fear
When “he who waits” temptation brings to think we can be bought

“He who will be first comes last” whilst storing up his earthly gain
Aroma spent when petals splayed assault the senses, putrid kind
We who thought we would be passed a Kingly ransom doth attain
“Wake up and smell the roses” denied to those who’ve all been blind

Wise words are proffered here to seek redemption in the challenge made
“The Holy One” of timeless mind and meditative circumstance
Invites us all to seek out truth within before our spirits fade
All seeing and all knowing one “In finding self, gives half a chance”


In reply to my friend Dr Sudarsan's divinely inspired challenge.

Note: “Begging Buddha’s forgiveness for last quote. I like to think he would say that”

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