a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

On the destruction of the world
The Preacher of no domain says
The Rapture is very near
The Counterpointers indeed disagreed
Flipping through the pages
The promised signs are not yet seen
The constellation is still very normal
With their gaze still fixed upon the sky
The sun still comes from the orient
What have been seen is no closer to rapture
What more?
Inspecting the earth foundation
Still as hard ...
The laboratory test of the earth
Proved negative
The green house warriors
Not yet won
And the ozone cover still favours us.

Yet with his bible upon his chest
Arm with his calculations that 'never' failed
With his various flimsy proofs from the book
The preacher of no domain says
The end is very near!
The preacher of no domain says
He can feel a raging blaze.

The Tortoise deceiving in your name
I mean those that act tortuously behind your holy name
Causing great turmoil and unrest among the people
Claiming they have seen beyond the normal horizon
And knows what no man has ever known
Hadn't be we are of a weakened mind
We would have given in to their deception
We would have swallowed it all - hook, line and sinker!
And indeed now,
The hour has passed over us
And the world still follows it's orbit round the sun
The birds still chirps
The dogs still bark
And the wind blows as peaceful still...
What a situation lacking adjective!

What will make man prophecy doom
Upon himself?
I keep wondering,
What will make man say grave things
Merely out of ignorance?
What will make man inflict such disease
Upon his own soul... more than his shaman can cure?

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