a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Lord, I am hungry and full of despair
What hallmark of humanity is it to let..
anyone get
So hungry as to long for death
ask for daily bread
.... and forgiveness in one breath?
In one prayer…
The one you taught.

In loud voices and great unity
They repeat every word
How foolish of them to
think you have heard…
Their prayers
over my pleas, anguish and indignity

Please Lord, tell them..
Whisper a little louder into their ears.
For they misunderstand your prayers
Their prayers are far, far
from their simplest deed. Indeed!
to help those really in need

That Your Kingdom come – Your will be done
On earth…is not happening -
There is poverty and wars, you name it
hunger and tears ..
injustices and fears,
................truly this place is no fun
eh..certainly not … it is in heaven??

Our Father who is in heaven
I too, hope, you will deliver us from all evil-there.
Especially, one of the greatest evils … hunger!
Though Lord, just now on this earth of plenty is it entirely fair -
that they can have this prayer
and that I should live on hopes alone
(hope and ache for food)?
Which then is the better good
The deed or the prayer?

They pray Hallowed be Your Name
And pray? hollowed is my bony frame
Now isn't that rather funny?
I am racked with hunger and shame
Again and again!
Lord! How strange!!
That just by rituals they hallow Your name. What’s in a name?
(Lord, forgive them this trespass)
When You are the very same
Who was once born… A humble human form

Tell them Lord, tell them, it is a pity –
This starving body
they can’t see..
when I have lived so long in their own city..

Would you do that for me ?

Why ? Aha!! Now that You ask
I'll tell you why..(as if You don't know)
It is not I,
It is You that is suffering in me

Remind them Lord to feed …… one little deed
Just a bit to share…
How could it hurt anyone to care..
for lesser men
Maybe not often
but, now and then
or even,
as and when .......... they can
to part with sincerely...and
Give us this day , just one day- their daily bread

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