Mega City Madness

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Reaching for the heavens, babels tower with modern twist
Supported by bamboo and 'Peoples Party' echelon
New world order prominence, cloaked in steel and glass on high
Diminishing creators spawn, in shadows cast upon the street

Eden’s garden replica, placates unsettled souls
Fruits of labour offered with full knowledge of the state to share
Signifying glory of a fleeting transient kind
‘Old Shanghai’ forever gone, in cloud of dust and sacrifice

‘Kyoto’ anagram of millions five and thirty strong in step
Scurry to and fro, with stop go ambience of air to breathe
Set your watch on Metro time, ‘twill never find you late
'Rent a friend' existence, inept at social whirl of choice

Hacienda sprawl goes on and on, as far as eye can see
‘City Mexico’ corrupts, with murders covered up in smog
Mariachi play Ranchera style, with taco bars in thrall
‘Hat dance’ keeps them on their toes, to side step troubled circumstance

‘London Calls’, traditions of the Empire reign on vaunted projects new
Skylines superseded in the days of yore, are called to rise
‘Shard’ of glass thrusts through the blue and ‘Yellowed Wharf’ adds to the mix
The cry goes up for life as was, “Escape the madness to the sticks”


Note: 'Shard' of glass, already tallest building in Europe and still rising.
'Yellowed Wharf' (Canary Wharf Tower) the previous tallest building in Europe

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