The Baby Turtle and the Jellyfish

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India


One fine day at Cheasapeake Bay
Myrtle baby turtle lost her way
Alongside her family she was taking a swim
When all of a sudden the waves pulled her in

On her carapace she floated upsides down
What a lovely new place she had just found
For soon she spotted a barnacle mound
And pretty shaped creatures on the sands around

Since that day at Cheasapeake bay
Myrtle baby turtle was happy to stay
She played hide and seek with Barny barnacles
And Miss Libia anemone showed off her tentacles

Myrtle learned to dive with Mr.Needlefish
she even peeped into Molly Mussel's pearly dish
So everyday, at Cheasapeake Bay
Myrtle ,baby turtle lived free and gay

Her own family she soon forgot
'It is quite safe here really', she thought
But oh !oh! this story has a very sad end
For wicked human habits never quite end

Myrtle espied Judy the pink jelly fish
lying limp and washed ashore
inspite of the dangers - she had only one wish
quickly to swim to Judy-to save her once more

She tugged and she wallowed
She gurgled and she swallowed
With a gag and a gulp
That silly, silly jellyfish up

Alas! quickly she choked
Her eyes rolled and gawked
And quietly she died
On her carapace she floated aside

A most tearful sight on that surfy trail
That jellyfish billowed and soon set sail
Dragging dead Myrtle for a last solemn ride
May Myrtle be remembered,may her goodwill abide

One sad day at Cheasapeake Bay
Those silly plastic bags were thrown away
It was not dear Judy -she wasn't all that pink
It was a plastic bag- we humans don't really think.

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