Fasten Your Seatbelt,We're In For A Bumpy Ride

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

(A true story of what mishap befell me yesterday,Oops!)

Instructions conveyed,the washing was due
"clothes in machine there waiting for you"

she goes off to work,while alone i snore
sure that i heard the close of the door

time to get up,the clothes will be washed
washed,conditioned,tumbled and tossed

lavender tablets ,to keep our clothes fresh
nobody said they smelt like bad breath

me and my missus we both did agree
no more lavender tablets you see

so up i rose,wiped the sleep from my eyes
the clothes seemed washed and to my surprise

a little bit damp and moist to the touch
lavender smell, i didnt like much

took clothes from machine,the portal of round
seemed to be..... a whiff all around!

so,into the hall to hang on the horse
just following instruction, i got from the boss

i then passed the day with poems and pen
a most beautiful day, i had on VN

the hours did pass, the clothes they seemed dry
the garage doors clanged and in came my Di

front-door of our home, opened it swung
then a barrage of shouting,blue murder it brung

i fastened my seatbelt,i think i've done wrong!
a bumpy ride,should have known all along

"those clothes are not clean,what have you done"
"i did not swich the washing machine on"

"you have hung up the clothes,ready for drying"
"they're are not even washed,tell me you're lying"

she threw my... dirty-works-t-shirt at me
and with one sniff, i said "i agree"

the clothes that i hung
the smell that it brung

she was slightly amused
and i the accused

i was not really thinking
but the clothes they were stinking !

"you spend too much time, on that Voices Net"
"your minds on thoes poems again, i bet"

i'm getting forgetful as i'm growing older
but will always remember the smell of that odour.


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