On the ground

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

My eyes are heavy from crying. I am on the ground, completely destroyed.

- You have to stand up. -

I cannot. I cannot go on.

- Do not hang your head. -

But how to do that? I am afraid, afraid of failing again.

- You have made a mistake. This can happen to everyone. -

No. I will never make it. I am not able to.

- You are wrong. You can make it. And you know that. -

Yes, I can. Nevertheless I have failed again.

- Never give up. Cheer up! -

But I cannot make it on my own.

- You are not alone. You have your friends and yourself. Should everything have been senseless? -

No, I should not. I have worked so hard.

- Will you try it again now? -

I am not sure.

- You have to believe in yourself. Life is not that easy. -

Basically you are right. But how can I handle this reversal?

- Listen to me, you have to regain your self-confidence. -

Self-confidence... Believe in oneself...

- Nobody except yourself can help you to stand up. -

Nobody except myself can help me to stand up. I do not give up. I will try it again. This time I will not fail. I hope it so much.

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