At the window

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

You stand at the window,
look down on the street,
bathed in the dim light of the lanterns,
but it's already dawning.

You stand at the window,
the wind playing with you hair,
you close your eyes
and remember last night.

You look out of the window,
down on the street
in the dim light of the lanterns
he stands and looks up to you.

You stand by the window,
your eyes meet
maybe for the last time,
before he walks into the new day.

You look out of the window,
look after him and don't know,
whether you will see him again,
your heart becomes heavier.

You stand at the window
as the sun rises,
the wind playing with your hair,
with a smile on your face...

You will never regret that night.

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