a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

When someone touches your heart
and you cannot live apart,
When beautiful thoughts come to your mind
and everything around you chimes,
when nature suddenly seems beautiful
and everything feels new & wonderful;
then from somewhere your heart utters-
"you are amidst a beautiful feeling called love"

when songs come to your lips on their own accord
and nature plays a love song,
when bird's chirping enthralls you
and your imaginations knows no bound,
when there is music all around
and nothing seems foul;
then from somewhere your heart cries out-
"you are in love that knows no bound"

when your heart searches for somebody in the crowd
and your transforms into a heaven above all,
when your smile never falters or fails
and there is nothing in this world that you hate,
when you think of a person night & day
and in your heart he always stays;
then from somewhere your heart says-
"you are in love that will never fail"

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