Nor Again A Houri Such As She

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Nor Again A Houri Such As She

Your eyes suffuse with blues and greens,
Like pools of esoteric dew,
To depths below of coral scenes,
Are my desires abound in you,

Your smile compares a crescent moon,
White against black satin shroud,
Ingratiating lips, (maroon),
Perfectly endowed,

Blowing in a warm and scented air,
Which you attract and captivate,
Your long and flowing locks aflare,
Tis mesmerizing, beautiful, aureate,

Soughing is of your enounce with tease,
And owning of such elegance refined,
From head to toe your lines, your curves, (do please),
You invigorate my mind.

None before was one, I've ever seen,
Nor again a houri such as she,
Of fantasy or even in a dream,
Could ever steal my heart away from me. (As she)

One for the Ladies, my attempt at a romantic poem.
Sorry Marcia Shechinger, No Red Stilettoes, Tight Jeans, Fancy Hats or
Shaken Martini's. And Richard Gildea you go easy on the ensuing reviews please.
No Despicable comments.

Keith Lumbard Tuesday 14th June 2011


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