Really Alice You Must Be From Wonderland.. (dedicated to Alice Pyne)

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Just when it felt like "LOVE AINT HERE ANYMORE"
You spring this surprise you had in store

Really, Alice, you must be from wonderland
"COULD IT BE MAGIC" or your sleight of hand

For "BABE" just look at what you began
It raining chats and blogs, over the internet again

We netizens all dearly want to "DO WHAT YOU LIKE" and you be"SURE"
Not just "PROMISES" .."Give our hearts, our bone marrow, find a cure

Hey "BABE" just look at what you inspired, and what you began
"IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE" or less for folks to become your fan

We'd "PRAY" or write "A MILLION LOVE SONGS" and, one more song
Anything dear love just to hold you close and ...for long

"TAKE THAT", take that, (all our love) from each breaking heart
"NEVER FORGET" We're..holding fast..holding tight.. holding on.....doing our part

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