Collateral Damage

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

For clarification purposes 5 asides is a game of soccer with 5 people in each team.

My partner Di and i are off to Tenerife in a few days.I took a week off work prior to going to get into shape for the holiday.However, something unexpected occured......

Collateral Damage

work mate texted the other day
I've bookd 5 asides, do u want 2 play ?
gathered my thoughts to electronic suggestion
football ? to Di, i better not mention !

i was a keen amateur player in my day
soon sent him a text saying, yes i can play
so into my drawers to look out my gear
not football socks but kilt socks appear

been reasonably fit for most of my days
my kilt socks will do ,of course i will play
with the ball at my feet, I'll skip down the wing
but my feet they might do, a wild Highland Fling

was 10 years older than the rest of the team
but I've still got my skills, still living the dream
volleys and headers and keepy-up skills
one touch then a pass, i still knew the drills

furiously fast, i was lasting the pace
4 goals i had scored in the net with such grace
five minutes to go, felt my bones they were breaking
but our tired opponents were there for the taking

as the ball floated over into my direction
seen my "NAME UP IN LIGHTS" and with no hesitation
contorted my body like a tight coiled spring
and volleyed the ball, TRIED TO MURDER THE THING !

i then felt the pain in the side of my knee
immediately though, Di's gonna kill me.
collapsed in a heap and my game it had ended
we won 12-10 but my pride it was dented

I'm now lying in a bed in a hospital ward
here i go again, about to fall on my sword
x-rays come back it's collateral damage
collateral ligaments that's hospital language

in layman's terms I've twisted my knee
bruised ego and crutches were waiting for me
had played 5 asides with much skill and tenacity
Di's now goin' her holidays with Hop-A-Long Cassidy

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