We Are The World... (Michael Jackson)

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

It's crazy how we all come together

When nature calls,

But to heal the world

It's starts with the children...

How many more wars

Do you think this Earth can sustain.

It's written in black and white.

Do you remember the time

When musicians from all walks of life

Recorded 'We Are The World'.

The year was 1985.

Breaking news was it sold millions.

Man in the mirror,

How come nothing much has change since...

A place with no name is where we are headed

If we all don't get our act together.

It should be human nature to smile

And lend a helping hand.

But it amazes me how many really don't care about us.

Especially inner city children living under the foster system.

And what about the ones

Who have a home

But are still hungry, neglected and beaten.

What more can I give...

What more can I say...

A blind stare over a million goes on daily

And the truth is...

Those who say they care do very little...

I wish I had the power to cease all wars

And feed the children.

If I could give my happiness to someone else

Especially a child,

Lord knows, Heaven can wait...

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