a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Theres a chapel in a village
Not far away
And people go to pray there
Mostly on a Sunday
And its doors are always open
No matter who you are
And when youre in that chapel
Your worries seem very far
I remember when I was a school boy
I often went in there
And with my pals beside me
We would say a little prayer
And although we were young
It taught us right
From wrong
And when the session was over
We would quietly move along
And once
Outside the chapel
Reality soon sunk in
We had to face
Our hardships
And sometimes we would win
It was a long time ago
But the memories
Are still there
And I can still see that chapel
Where we went to say our prayer
It must have had some effect
For our faith was beyond compare
But I dont suppose
Its there now
It would only be in the way
For progress can sometimes
Be unkind
And its inevitable
That times are changing
Day by day
But I will always
Remember that chapel
Where I went to pray
With its doors that were always
No matter what time of day

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