a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

So we aren't a pinch wiser all this while,
Though we boasted to have broken the ancient tie.
We keep searching the mountains and oceans for rubbish
And this only thing lost between us we can not fish.
We keep wasting our time creating a nonsense cyberspace
And we couldn't succeed in creating a mere breathing space.
What an irony! We keep protecting the animals from extirpation
And our own species, we are driving towards extinction
With all our acclaimed diplomacy and advance sciences
We can't fashion out a simple solution for our differences.

O Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha and the rest
Did you see how those fanatics cause unrest.
Is this the path you laid down for us?
The scariest holocaust so horrendous!
Yet you say it was Jesus, who came to save us all
Is the the peace he had preached of yore?
If the laws of conduct had come with such zealotry,
I'm not sure it would have survived to this present tree.
And yet you go about with your ignorance shouts
Claiming to be holy in your senseless bouts.
These Jihads , Crusades and other suicide passion
I keep wondering if they are godly perceptions.

Can't the individual paddle their own coracle?
There's much more to explore, save this debacle
And what suppose to be a light to guide us through
Now becomes our curse, Our burden, our darkness zoo
The mere idea that sprout from our inner sense
Now fashions the weapons that threatens our existence.
Religions are like the stars that shines at night
That should not be hindered in the display of their light.
It ought to be left to walk at a peaceful pace, nevertheless
We have used it to bargain for so much darkness
We have bargain for so much disease
More than the shaman can ease.

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