a poem by William Willis, Scotland

On Tuesday 12th July 2011 in a small Scottish village called Largs Colin and Chris Weir who had worked all their days and had both retired due to ill health sat watching tv in their living-room.Earlier that week they had purchased 5 lottery tickets for the Euromillions Draw which had a record prize-money of £161,653,000.They did not check the ticket until they went to bed around midnight.That's when their world changed.

Unthinkable circumstance
as midnight chimed
their normal life
will be left behind
both missed the clues
and without a lie
because both had been watching

ticket examined
with forensic care
detective of numbers
a fortune surveyor
four lines checked
no winnings she reckons
fifth line makes them
rich like Beckhams

checked and checked
then checked again
could this good fortune
really happen to them
Chris, went downstairs
told of big surprise
the Weirs had won
the stupendous prize

richer than Ringo
they're now popping corks
Chris and Colin
are Top Of The Pops
win of a lifetime
i wish them well
a curse or a dream
only time will tell

one hundred and
sixty one million pounds
their bank balance credit
when there's not much around
winning this kind of money
is it so obscene?
is it even too much
for a King of Queen?

so Chris and Colin
please spend with care
and remember you're friends
who've always been there
a new car or home?
you both have hinted
push the boat out now
cause you both are minted

like Susan said
lets Dream the Dream
maybe watch C.S.I.
on a 3-D screen
so this investigation
has now been mastered
The Weirs have the loot
already captured

(Chris & Colin are now UK’s 430th wealthiest persons)

Good Luck

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