Fish and Chips ...... .Fish and Chips

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Her credit cards and cash, whole wallet lost,
Story though common it warrants a tear.

Maiden trip to England,and dearly cost,
Yet, Folks, in London are, gentle it's clear.

My daughter, her friend, same fate compatriot,
Decide to pool in what's left them, few pounds.

Fish and Chips! Fish and Chips! Caller's a riot,
The fishman beckons, shouting salvo rounds.

Stopping there to share lunch, till rescue came
(All of this, one day, at Oxford Circus)

Both, chat of their loss, cuss their luck so lame,
As fishman packs one lunch, without much fuss.

Waves them off, in cheerful winks and quips,
Their lunch...doubled!! Fish and chips... fish and chips.

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