Cain and Abel

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Cain and Abel.. again? Shoots, now widespread.
Heard breaking news! This time Oslo it was.

Headcount. So many innocents. Shot dead.
Brother kills brother without threat or cause.

Perhaps, long back we have cast the stone first,
With overweened pride cast disdain at 'otherness'.

Like parochial pharisees we'd thirst,
For 'others' blood. Bayed for it in blindness.

Even now, we narcissist, judge, protest,
Rid pariahs, infidels, those 'others'.

We bigots and quislings, live in fear, lest,
We are shot at, quick, we shoot our brothers.

Strange, for ALL Gods'men are equal indeed.
Whatever Cain's caste, whatever Abel's creed.

Note: (Gods' here meant as plural)

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