Oh my nose: ( A literary parody)

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

With due apologies To Robert Burns ( Like a Red Red Rose)

Oh my nose is like a red red rose,

With drops of dew it blooms,

Oh my throat is like a broken flute

That hoarsely croaks a tune!

As I have a sneezing bout,

I think I have the flu,

How I got it my bonnie lass,

I havent the foggiest clue!

I havent the foggiest clue, my dear

But dear God I feel so ill,

Better nought come near me, I fear

You just might get those chills!

So fare thee well, while I do rest,

And recover from this aching flu,

'tis indeed worthy and best,

That I take a break from you.


Double chins :)
I am a woman but have you heard me ROAR?

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