A lover's soliloquy

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

He said, with ardor, that he loves me,
That his heart, for my heart, pines,
Of this obsession I see 
Insanely, innocuous signs.
He called me his Winnie the Pooh,
His panda and his dove,
(Ought I lock myself in the zoo?
Seems I'm an animal that he loves).
He said that like an anthology,
I was an interesting read
(He doesn't know the e of my etymology
For I'm written all in Greek).
He said that he would be thrilled
To have me as his wife.
(But if I were to light his kitchen, 
He'd have a short shelf life).
He said that like the sky,
My eyes were blue and deep,
That my voice was a sweet lullaby..
(Dear me! Should I put him to sleep?).
He said that my pretty smile,
Was as wide as a well made road,
(Well, he'd have to run for miles,
Before he reached my sweet abode)
He said that I was a Wonder
Like the great barrier reef,
(I sure hope he goes down-under,
I might get some reprieve.)
I think it's really not me,
That with fervor he thinks he loves
But what he wants me to be,
For I am none of the above.
And when I am by his side,
Like a bubble I do burst,
From him, I must hide,
For he brings out my very worst.
And so my handsome lover boy,
He rants on and on,
How atrociously he annoys..
So scat, scram and begone!

To the mosquito who bit me
Double chins :)

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