A Prayer from a Suffering Soul

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

My friends, I had only one,
More as a friend, than a son,
I know not why, he had to die,
At this age of mine, to cry.

He was only fifty three,
Had a life born care-free.
I am forced at my eighty
To take up his tasks-mighty.

“What should happen
Surely should happen.
Don’t worry, take rest,
God knows, what’s best.”

This is what everyone says
Not one, but in several ways,
May be they’re correct,
But how can I so soon forget.

This tragedy, from the start,
Is so deep rooted in my heart,
That every scene of the past
Comes to my mind so fast.

I pray God, the Almighty,
If, for me, He has some pity
To give this suffering old man
“Peace” as much as He can.

Friends, pray for my relief
From this ocean of grief,
For me to climb this up-hill,
With ease, by God’s will.

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