LOAFERS-With No Strings Attached

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

a tongue in cheek reply
to my friend John Starks poem-LOAFERS

these loafers seem like the hybrid of shoes
to hold one's feet in relaxing of times
Nike trainers or loafers, which will he choose
when Cupid takes aim, then loafers are fine
such footwear of fox seeks titillation
for tempting of damsels willing to play
flash of foot, no immoral persuasion
substantial reward, with little delay ?
does he seize her form with stiff upper lip ?
matching of souls as they go nose to nose
bodice of lace, is she ready to strip
can't loosen the lace or untie the bows
with two fumbling hands, his plans left unhatched
wore loafers for years with no strings attached

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