On the mole

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

Behind us is the
Border Shop;
of the highest quality.
But we are standing here
on the mole.
In front of us lies Denmark.
Our eyes are following the ferry,
a strong wind
is blowing into our faces...
the breeze gives one appetite...
the waves of the Baltic Sea
are welting gently;
gulls are flying closely
above our heads,
almost as if one
could touch them.
The next ferry
is getting closer
on the “Vogelfluglinie”;
we can already hear
the announcement,
Scandlines says goodbye
to the passengers.
The ferry is driving past us
so closely as if one
could touch it.
The shouting of the gulls
is rising up,
they are flying around the ship,
as if they wanted
to welcome it.

(author's note: "Vogelfluglinie" means "as the bird flies", but in this case it's a proper noun)

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