To the mosquito who bit me

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Of all the people, that could possibly be,
Pray tell me, why did you choose to bite me?
Of two teenagers and a dog's mother,
Is my aging blood much sweeter than others?
Is it some earthy  fragrance that I emit,
That overwhelmed your senses 'n parasitic spirit?

When did you come and when did you go?
Where did you bite me, I would like to know!
Was I at work or in a store?
Was I in bed in deep slumber's snore?
What moment of time was it in history,
When you thought you liked my blood chemistry?
Could you have not warned that on me you'd feast
You miserable, blood thirsty, obnoxious beast!
Couldn't you have asked me, you mad mad hatter?
I would have given you my blood in a spoon on a platter,
 For to no needy soul would I  bear any animosity,
And I donate blood with utmost generosity.

But NO. You quietly crept on me in stealth,
When I was at my busiest and in the pink of  health..
And with greed and savor, on my blood you fed,
Within days I was in hospital on a despondent bed,
With fever, chills and splitting headaches,
 I thought my delicate spine would break,
Under scrutiny and medical investigations,
My platelet count plummeted beyond imagination.
Tests and tablets, more than I could chew,
Look at what you made me go through!
Need you have behaved like a vampire?
Now you have kindled my irksome ire!

Instead of being a nuisance, a bugging pest,
The next time you need nourishment, put in a request!

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