a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

It is a strange love story, a story without an end,
I was so in love with him, but to him, I was his friend.
And not just any friend, but as best as best could be,
I  couldn't  do without him, and he without me..
All the years I was with him, my love with strength did grow..
But I never ever told him, I never let it show..

We would talk for hours, we had so much to share,
My deepest fears he would hear,and he'd lay his heart bare
And every time, either of us, would stumble, falter, fall,
In our hearts, we knew it, we could hear each other call.
He brought laughter into my life, a twinkle to my eye,
He was always there for me, he wouldn't let me cry.
I wonder if it was destiny or call it so called fate
Maybe that's what we were meant to be, buddies and soul mates..
I wonder if I had told him, oh, I really don't know..
Would destiny have changed the arrow, that she shoots from her bow?

Like a skilled craftsman, a grand master of my craft,
I'd learned the skill of deception, mastered the crafty art,
A secret buried deep within, what he truly meant to me
My passion was only mine and not for him to see.
But sometimes, when he hugged me, I'd think with a start,
What if....just what if, he could hear, the pounding of my heart.
With frolic , one sunny day, he'd leapt and grasped my hand,
"I'm your genie," he'd said, "your wish is my command."
Then with warmth in his eyes, he'd gone down on his knees.
Oh how much I had longed to say, give yourself to me..

I never told him how I felt, something held me back,
Maybe it was wisdom or maybe courage that I lacked,
Maybe it was the fear, that something special would end,
I would lose  him forever, my man and my friend

And so when it was time, with a smile, I  let him go..
 Though, my heart, with warmth still basks, in his afterglow...

Your eyes whisper
On A Crescent Moon..
A lover's soliloquy
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Your eyes whisper

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