I Want This Forever...(Drake)

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Up all night as I toss...
As I turn the melody plays
Marvin's room, you know that tune.
The one I fancy,the one that shut it down.
Miss me yet?
Can I...
Find your love always where I left it...

Show me a good time over and over
As Fireworks Love N Gunz and Smile plays
As the Resistance becomes my scent...
I can't hide what I'm thinking right now.
It's sweet like juice.

Sooner than later a little bit just won't do
I want this forever...

So sit back, enjoy yourself
And thank me later,
Bet a yet, thank me now
As I spread my wings
And put it down
All this love...

You the best I ever had
Unstoppable, I understand if you need a night off.

I'm a say what's real.
I have a lust for love
And there is something about you that's extra special
And come winter,
I wanna be with ya.
Closer as we share everything.

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