This too, shall pass

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

I stand on the shore, my feet sinking in the sands,
My hair tousled wild in winds hustling hands
Covering my face, veiling my eyes,
Distantly, I hear the seagulls, their yearning cries,
I grip firmer and hold myself tight,
In dusk's diminishing, dwindling twilight.
I watch the waves lunge at me,
Overwhelming, menacingly
But as they race to the shore, reaching my feet,
They drench me, turn back, recede..

I see another wave, I yearn to move a step behind,
Fear and uncertainty fill my troubled mind
But I still stand, stand my ground,
Unmindful of the sounds
Of the winds and the waves,
In a trance, lost, nature's slave.
I nearly fall, my balance lost
Taken by surprise, by waves tossed
But I still stand, stand with unsteady feet,
Where the land and waters meet.

I, on the seashore, a speck, besides a sea so vast..
I know that each wave will rest, and it too shall pass...

My sunrise..
The Monsoons
How about a cuppa tea?
"In the windmills of my mind"

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