The heavy rain

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

The rain- It is heavy rain-
Run wildly through the streets
Change the traffic lights, from
dry to wet; adding a new colour
of bleakness to
the traffic lights bright lights

Call to mind the car screen wipers are
Wiping away the heavy rain:
Leftwards Rightwards Leftwards Rightwards
A drill on the class the window wipers perform
Marching to the sound of the heavy rain
Forward the cars wheels splash
Splash the lengthy puddles outwards,
covering everything in their path

The rain noisy went on, past
the shops, the school, the houses
Changing their facial recognition
From openness to isolation
Recoil into their own individualism
These dwellings have; escaping the
mental impact that the downpour has
impacted upon them-
Their characters withdrawn into themselves
Them people go from being an individual on
those places on that is on the outside
To the one of wholeness in the inside places
A split-personality these same places suffer
When the good weather turns bad

Out I the rain
Some unfortunate people are caught
By the lengthy lengthy rain rain drops-
Drop Drop Drop the heavy rain

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