Royal Enfield Mobike

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Hi Son, this one is for you
Your baggage arrived and was settled, your mobike too
Royal call it.. Thunderbird
A real beauty, what power, what fixtures. My word.

We got your message too, 'She's my girl-please take good care of it Dad'.
Such father-son exchange in itself is touching -a tad
Dad's new hobby is spit, more spit and polishing it
Sigh! he's left off gardening - that seedy weedy bit

How on earth for a man getting too little rest
He's up early mornings to wax it- exhaust pipe upward to crest
He puts on those eyeshades and a dashing grin so wide
Kick starts the engine and shoots her for a roaring ride
(notice: His brand new car is parked.. sadly.. aside)

I'm not too bothered son - if DADS when they get older it is said
Their sons make them grow younger ..if only inside the head
I'm bothered, truly, truly, bothered ..if he lands.. into my rosebed
180 Kg's of Royal Enfield pinning him nearly dead

He bent down to ease her choke and the rain slime tossed his footing
Short shrift, both dived into the wet earth..the horn still on and hooting.
Tho' her pacemaker beat a tattoo -said she cant' she can't
Mrs Mathews hobbled to help him -ninety year old, feeble, neighbourly aunt

She set up such a shrieking din
A driver and the postman came rushing in
Olympic records were broke-- with a marathon struggle, steeplechase and hiphop
They slithered on the slimy bed..upped the mobike first then your mud soaked ..James Bond pop

Your elephantine, buxom girl was unscathed but, 'darn it' -a minor stitch on your Dad's nose
Now his red-nose and tetanus shot are displayed in proud, boyish, celebrity pose
Stick to gifting him sunshades and vodka my dear, dear son
Gifting him your mobike is rare ..or rather.. overdone

What? What? What was that on the phone? He's just having fun
Oh! I see! I'm the spoilsport, sure, sure, the meanie one.
What again? He's not having an affair
Worse!, son, worse, this metalpiece this, this, this machine... is giving me nightmare

I appreciate your father son bond, your reasoning, I appreciate it all
But I'm miles away at times and not near to break your greatest hero's fall
Since the accident he parks -your darling girl -I'll have you know
Right on the front doorstep!!!!! This bike has to go..SHE-HAS-TO-GO

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