Beauty, for beauty's sake

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Entrapped, enchanted and enamored
By a  vision ethereal  sublime,
My heart stops for a moment,
As do the hands  of time.

Stars, twinkling, adorn,
A night as dark  can be,
The beauty of the full moon,
The glistening magic of the sea.

Irradiance resplendent,
Her glory gently grows, 
An orange, golden, globe,
That in the waters, silver glows.

With long silken fingers
Her rays with tides play,
In the folds of rippling waters
Tickling the merry Bay.

Glimmering silver waves,
Reach for the moon,
They swish and sway
Dancing to natures tune.

Breathless I watch,
Spellbound I partake..
Absorbed, immersed in beauty,
Just beauty, for beauty's sake.

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