Internet Spammers and Trolls

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

Just like The Borg of “Star Trek” fame,
They sweep across all cyber space.
These trolls and spammers:
Pandemic viral plagues,
Trying to sell their
Knock-off goods.
They tease the forum-dwellers
With their subterfuge
And guile.

False avatars surround us.
Like Borg their casualties
Are instantly replaced.
Clone follows clone.
These trolls pretend to help us
With our “faults”
But lead us down the garden path
To Hell!

They reconfigure their defences
No matter what we do.
Even pretend to be us.
Whoever they are –
We haven’t got a clue.

Spammers and Trolls we hate them.
Such a waste of space!
Complete Disgrace.

Paul Butters

(C) PB 5\9\2011 in Yorkshire.

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