a poem by William Willis, Scotland


Tenuous fragile sliver of blue.
Wonderous stardust gravitational glue.
Protect our planet like a soothing blanket.
Since our creation,your our insulation.
Deflect radiation,stellar penetration.

Tenuous fragile sliver of blue.
Universal mirage seen by few.
Parentally divine, violent thin blue line.
Our breathing shield and Earths force field.
Our Makers creation,prevent devastation.

Tenuous fragile sliver of blue.
Kaleidoscopic gases torn in two.
Artist"s eisels clash, a fiery flash.
Our naked moon stripped bare and battered.
Enviously staring,it's surface shattered.

Tenuous fragile sliver of blue.
Imagine our universe blown in two.
Atmospheric changes for me and you.
Will our beautiful planet be gone too soon?
Lifelesly evolving just like our moon.

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