Poetry Girl...(Eric Benet)

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

All I need is one more tomorrow.

Yesterday passed away

And left me down in the dumps.

Cracks of my broken heart

Made it hard in the end.

Still, I believe in loving your best friend.

That's if love patience and time allows it.

You think to yourself,

Love don't love me.

Will it ever find me.

A love of my own...

If I ever love again

He'll be man enough to cry

As he looks deep into my eyes.

He'll say you're more than just a girlfriend

You're my everything

And if you want me to stay

Don't let go...

I'm your poetry girl

And I wonder,

When you think of me,

What comes to mind...

The last time we kissed.

All in the game of making love,

Come as you are.

Let my chocolate legs

Be the favor you crave...

The hunger in you,

Leave it to me to satisfy

As you blow mines...

Spanish fly.

Come, let me drink you...

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